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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back to China from Vancouver

That was a beautiful Wendesday afternoon in August. Like workday before, I drove my car to home from my office where I had worked for 4 years as a senior software engineer and team lead. When I got home, I didn't find my wife and two kids. A slip on the table in the kitchen said:
I went back to China with two kids. I missed my parents and family in China. I would come back here.

My god. My wife, with my daughter and son, went back to China without telling me! That stunned me.

My wife was a woman who hate staying at home as a housewife. She wanted to work as a professional. Actually, She had got a good education in China. After we moved to Canada, her education and experience in business management was not enough to get her a job. Especially after the birth of my son one years ago, she worried her career much badly.

Ok. That's what happened in August of 2004. Now I'm in China. After working for 5 years in US and Canada, I came back to China.


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